Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pixel Parade

A parade of miscellaneous pixel art I have produced over the last few months. Some good, some...not so good i guess. But they were all a step forward in the name of self- improvement!


Soap said...

cool beans! really likes the lil cactus on the platform. attention to detail what what!

samtaylor_animation said...

I like this so much

Kypros said...

The rhino/turtle armor guy looks cool. Use him as a stage-boss. Neck extention for sudden attacks (as in real turtles) and also don't let him jump in the water cause he is faster than you. Final 3rd blow could be a bit of Shadow of the collossus style, where you have to run up its shel, pull out the body and tear it apart. Hmmm that must be quite painful.