Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lots of Animation News in One

So over the past months I have been working on various paid and unpaid animation projects. When I think about it now the work has been varied and challenging and on the whole satisfying. It;s good to look back on what you've done because at the time it sometimes becomes a flurry of work just to get it done on time!

Firstly is a link to the NASA Project music video for their song "Strange Enough". This was done by the small group of super talented and super hard working fellas over at Studio Giblets. It is a visual feast for the senses with the awesome art of illustrator Stephan Doitschinoff brought beautifully to life. The scenes are beautifully crafted and thought out and add another dimension to the original still images. Check it out and other work by the team members here.

I did a little bit of 2D animation in flash for this and it was nice working with the guys at their place for a couple of days. I animated the smoke coming out of the beakers that swirl around the floating skulls.

Next up is some animation work I did at Blue-Zoo a little while ago. The project was the creation of new idents for Cineworld Cinemas. In the PG rating ident I animated the flying ship contraption with the big hot air balloon and spyglass face. It was fun getting this big innanimate contraption to fly and look like it was thinking about where it was going. I also animated the directional movement of the bubbles and the camera. Then the good folks at Blue-Zoo added all the textures, lights, sound etc and gave it all the atmosphere. Also for this project, for the cool Big Bang ident I animated the chair coming together at the end. All the other crazy animation by the obviously very talented Sabrina Lecordier.

Also at Blue-Zoo more recently I worked on a project destined for Hong Kong. It was a 3D animation that is to be projected on a huge wall of water for an ocean park in Hong Kong. I mostly worked on fixing/changing existing scenes. The most work involved splining blocked out scenes, the easisest was changing the timing of some animation and I did a bit of everything in between. It was all good fun though and I learned a heck of alot about Maya along the way- working is obviously the best way to learn. You can see some of the work I did on that in my updated showreel posted below. Its the awesome looking water and fire dragon stuff near the beggining!!!

Lastly I have posted a new Animation Showreel with alot of the new work mentioned above added and some of the old cut out. Please check out this and the individual links to see the whole picture.

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Soap said...

awesome dude!! love the flying ship. you should embed yo' showreel at least maaan!

anyways, keep up the good work